Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Microsoft in banking?

Economic, industry and socio-political pressures are challenging your bank to transform into a lower cost, agile organization that can quick handle acquisitions and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. At the same time you need to innovate in the areas of User Experience and doing more with less to maintain and grow deposits.
What does this mean for Banks? Key technologies like Media Interfaces, Digital Home, Mobility, Virtualization, Real Time Communications and Collaboration, high performance computing, next generation Service Orientation and Composition, must be “mashed-up” into new business scenarios that will change the way customers and employees interact with the organization.
Banks need to prepare their infrastructure to compete in the 21st century. All while delivering this innovation in a cost effective way. What does a roadmap for the industry to expose pervasive core capabilities while using existing assets allowing banks to innovate in these challenging and opportunistic times look like?

  • Doing more with Less
  • Improve Time to Market
  • Produce measurable productivity gains
  • Managing Risk and Compliance
  • "Rapid" multichannel integration