Saturday, August 18, 2007

Web 2.0 adaption in enterprises

"Many folks don't know about or understand what feedreaders (etc.) can do. Experienced systems implementers know that the pioneers and early adopters are easy converts, but the magic happens when you can connect with the early majority.

You can lead the corporate horse to the Web 2.0 water, but you can't make them collaborate. It's a different set of skills - some folks will get it, and some folks will fight it - but I think most folks will stand by, bemused, and watch it all go by, until it becomes a job requirement. That's not cynical, it's reality; 500,000 people stood in long lines to get their first-edition iPhones, but most of us stood back and wondered where the cost/benefit really is on stuff like that."

Some words from a wonderful posting by James P. MacLennan on his blog.