Saturday, August 11, 2007

Online-in the middle of nowhere

So finally this summer I experienced the sweet taste of beeing online from my summer house in the middle of nowhere. Where the sea meets the sun and where I am surrounded by forest and mountains. It has taken a couple of years. I remember 3 yrs ago, by that time it was amazing to be connected in 56 kb/s via GPRS. Today its 1,8 mb/s via HSDPA. Via Edge you can connect in 200-300 kb/s and for that you don´t need more than standard GSM-coverage. (But don´t forget your hardware such as PCMCIA-card for example - if the chip is´nt already in your laptop)

So now we are able to be online everywhere, how do we adapt to that? Interesting question. What services will providers market to us next? This year was the year of the mobile-always- connected- thing, we could see that from banners in the papers etc.. How will we change our behaviours when we can be online all time?

Something that caught my attention this summer is a new service called Soonr, it certainly comes from the thin client-world. I think this is very much what we can expect from the future.
(Also check out iZoho which is a service from which you can reach your zoho-files, spreadsheets etc via your iPhone) This is shortly what Soonr say on their website:

How Does It Work?
Your mobile phone acts as a remote control for your computer. There is nothing to install on your phone because SoonR uses the features that are already built into your phone. You simply login into the SoonR website at SoonR can send you an SMS with the link to make it even easier.

In order to access your computer from your phone, you need to download a program (SoonR Desktop Agent) that runs on your computer, and define which folders you want to access from your phone. This program allows you to leverage applications installed on your computer such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Skype, or Desktop Search. That’s not all it does! It will optimize all the data that is sent to your phone, leveraging the superior power of your computer’s CPU.

The SoonR service is there to connect your computer to your phone and provide optimized versions of information stored on remote computers. When you make changes on your remote computer, the SoonR Desktop Agent program will update the information on the SoonR service so that it will immediately available on your mobile phone the next time you ask for it. The service also provides a place for information to be shared that works even when remote computers are turned off.