Thursday, July 12, 2007

A must have with high wife acceptance factor

I often hear from my friends that they often turn to me when they are in the state of buying electronics and computer stuff. They say that I already have done the necessary research, read all the tests and searched at Pricerunner etc. Thats often the case. And when I find some new gadgets that I find very special - I will post a note here for you all.

Today I stumbled into a revolutionary gadget that has entered the 2nd generation - the universal remote control that is activity-based, is updated through the Internet from a database containing more than 80 thousands different IR enabled devices from approx 2,5 thousands manufacturers.

When I watch TV today, I have to start my digital set-top box, DVR, Receiver and my TV using 4 remote controls. In the new universal remote control I just click the activity "watch TV". Then every step described above, will automatically be executed. And from only one remote control.

What you do is that you plug in the universal remote control via USB to your desktop PC, and through the software that is shipped in the package, you actually program the process which is linked to respective activity. This is DIFFERENT from the traditional universal remote controls that have been out there for years.

So today after a long discussion with my wife last night (primary targetgroup) I got free hands to buy a Logitech Harmony 525 at Teknikmagasinet for 695 SEK. It has high WAF-factor (Wife acceptance factor). It is so nice with a space-blue light.....

My friend futurist Peter Tuscher found this one as an (although more expensive) alternative


Tuscher said...

Here a link to a guy that is partly devoted to remotes;

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