Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone - a religion that will revolutionize

I think all of you have noticed that apple finally released the iPhone. They even talked about it on the television news. And there are lots of photos, movies out there of course. Hitler got less coverage when he invaded Poland.
I think this movie from David Pogue at The New York Times is just awsome.

So, what exactly does the release of the iPhone mean in a historical perpective? My deepest belief is that it will drive the mobility industry towards more innovation and design. Finally we have a serious challanger to the traditional phonemakers. I am sick and tired by all those models that are released every single week around the planet from such vendors like HTC, Samsung just to mention some. They all look the same!
The iPod will drive touch-screening to the next level. And don´t forget Microsoft surface interface!
We will see new innovative user interfaces to come around the corner. Exept that, I don´t think the iPhone contain any other revolutionary functions, it is more the religion of a brand that once revolutionized the personal computer experience, and will do likewise to the mobile device.