Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dinner is (finally) served: TMIO's Connect Io Intelligent Oven is shipping

Dinner is (finally) served: TMIO's Connect Io Intelligent Oven is shipping: "Filed under: Household
We've heard promises of these ovens-of-the-future forever- the ones that somehow magically transform from a refrigerator to an oven and can even be programmed remotely. Well the future is finally here, friends, and for $8700 you can get your Jetsons-on with your very own Connect Io Intelligent Oven from Tonight's Menu Intelligent Ovens (TMIO), which can do all that crazy stuff we just mentioned thanks to tech originally developed at NASA. That's right, the same remote capabilities that allow astronauts to perform important hands-free experiments can now be used to lavish you with piping-hot mac n' cheese the moment you arrive home. Along with making changes from your PC, the TMIO oven can be controlled from any Internet-enabled device (your cellphones, your PDAs, your PSPs) or touch-tone phone, which makes it super-handy for last-minute schedule-shuffling or for blowing up your house from afar if the Feds catch wind of that scam you're running. And even if it makes crappy food, how can you fully hate on any appliance that sports a 6.8-inch touchscreen LCD?

[Via ZDNet]

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